Welcome to St Mary's School (grades K-8)
412 N Monroe, Moscow, Idaho 83843  Phone:(208) 882-2121   office@stmarysmoscow.com
St. Rose’s School (N, PK) 412 N. Howard, Moscow, Idaho 83843 Phone: (208)882-4014
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School Board Members
St. Mary’s School
Board Members 2017-2018

Year Position is finished
Tina Anderson 2018
Eric Busch 2018
Brian Dulin    2018 
Erin Modad
John Stypa
Karen Marsh  2018
Erin Linskey

Susan McKinley 
2018/Past Chair


Fr. Joe McDonald  882-4813 (office)  father@stmarysparishmoscow.org  ex-officio   
Jennifer Beller    882-2121(school)  jbeller@stmarysmoscow.com ex-officio   
Buck Lytle
882-5189    Parish Council   
Rasheen Acree/Kathy Burton   882- 2121(school)   bizmanager@stmarysmoscow.com   Bus. Mgr    
Debbie Johnson
882-2121(school)   office@stmarysmoscow.com   Secretary    

 (School Board information is also sent to Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Vice-Principal: Peggy Quesnell and to Foundation Board Chair: Duncan Palmatier)