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 Our Accreditation Visit February 2015

Report of Findings: the Visiting Team went through every aspect of the school. They either rated us effective or highly effective, given specific reasons why they made this judgment. 

One item from the Report of Findings which was a list by the Visiting Team on their perspective of the School’s Eight Most Significant Accomplishments. These are:


1.      St. Mary's Parish School is a true faith-filled learning community that reflects the school’s Mission and Philosophy statements. The SLEs are a lived reality.

2.      The Principal is a committed and inspirational leader who is respected by the parents, faculty/staff, and students.

3.      St. Mary's Parish School and Parish is blessed with supportive pastoral leadership.

4.      St. Mary's Parish School has a dedicated, hardworking, and effective faculty/staff who fully support the Mission and Philosophy of Catholic Education and provide outstanding learning opportunities for students.


5.      St. Mary's Parish School has established a sound technology infrastructure that supports student learning.

6.      Parents feel a strong connection to the school community and support the school with their time, treasure, and talents.

7.      St. Mary's Parish School provides a learning environment that promotes community service and opportunities that foster leadership for students.

8.      St. Mary's Parish School has worked to ensure the viability of the school now and into the future by building (and paying for) the new addition to the school and the upgrades to the campus.      


The school’s Self-Study covered all areas of the school: Catholic Identity, Assessment of Students, Finances, Curriculum, etc. It also includes test data and survey information from parents, students, pastor, and teachers/staff over the last two years.  The entire document is on the website.


A key part of the Self-Study is an ACTION PLAN with specific goals (we chose three) for the next six years till the next accreditation in 2021.  


Three goals we chose are:


1.      St. Mary’s school faculty/administration will formalize a cohesive, challenging curriculum across grades (K-8) in ELA (reading/language arts), math, and religion that reflects the school’s high expectation for all learners.


2.      To continue to increase the financial base of the school which will include upgrading technology such as computers and continue increasing our salaries to 80% of Moscow School District by the next accreditation (continuation from previous accreditation).


3.      St. Mary’s Parish School stakeholders will develop a long-range strategic plan for our school that will address the following general areas that have emerged from our Self- Study.

a.       Finances

b.      Curriculum

c.       Facilities (including safety plan)

d.      Marketing/Enrollment

e.       Technology (including safety plan)

f.       St. Mary’s school faculty/administration will continue to build a strong, faith-filled community within and across community members.


Both sets of documents (Report of Findings and Self-Study) are on the website for your information. 


Lastly, the Visiting Team said to us to us that the Catholic Identity of St. Mary’s Parish School was solid and permeated every aspect of the school life.  They considered this school to be an “amazing school community” and they were greatly impressed with our students, our faculty/staff, our pastor, parents/families. It was a great and very affirming visit for all of us.


No single report can tell the whole story of our school’s educational program or the people who work and learn here. We encourage you to find out first hand by visiting our school. Studies show that when parents are involved, students do better in school. The parents of our students take an active role in your child’s learning . Please contact the school, teachers or connect with a current family to find out about our school that was nationally recognized as Blue Ribbon School in 2005.