Welcome to St Mary's School (grades K-8)
412 N Monroe, Moscow, Idaho 83843  Phone:(208) 882-2121   office@stmarysmoscow.com
St. Rose’s School (N, PK) 412 N. Howard, Moscow, Idaho 83843 Phone: (208)882-4014
...a way of life
Our School
Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School 2005

OUR VISION:                                        

                                           IMAGINE YOUR CHILD.........

Increasing daily in respectfulness, resourcefulness and responsibility,

Focused daily on God's loving presence,

Being guided daily by devoted and professional teachers,

Being equipped to excel...and growing daily in confidence.

                                         IMAGINE YOUR CHILD CHANGING THE WORLD!

St. Mary's/St. Rose's School is the foundation that gives students these gifts

So they may become

                                     DREAM MAKERS AND WORLD CHANGERS

The 3 R’s


The rules that lead and light our school

Begin with letter R

They lead our faith, our truth, our life

You’ll know us from afar


RESPECT’S the word that leads the way

We’re courteous, patient, polite

It helps us all to get along

And always know what’s right


RESPONSIBILITY shows and grows

Our work’s on time and neat

We’re prepared and homework’s always done

We learn and never cheat


RESOURCEFULNESS the final rule

We serve and help each other

Our gifts will build community

And show Jesus is our brother