Welcome to St. Mary's School (grades K-8) Welcome to St. Rose's School (grades Preschool and Pre-K)
412 N Monroe, Moscow, Idaho 83843  Phone:(208) 882-2121   office@stmarysmoscow.com
St. Rose’s School (N, PK) 412 N. Howard, Moscow, Idaho 83843 Phone: (208)882-4014
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St. Mary's & St.Rose's Catholic School
Our School exists as a vital part of St. Mary's Parish ministry to support parents in the education of their children. As a school we strive to encourage our students to grow spiritually; to develop a life long love of learning and to strive to achieve their highest personal and academic potential.
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First Communion will be April 29th.
Registration is open, contact the office.
Students are working hard on our spring program "Charlie and Chocolate Factory". 
St. Rose's School will be moving from their building across the street into the St. Mary's School building starting the school year 2018-2019!  Their webpage is:



St. Mary’s School would like to thank all our parishioners, parents, and community supporters for another great year. We have been blessed in many ways. We are sharing information so you can know more about our parish school.

MAPS Testing – our students are at or above grade level (100% Proficiency this year)

Brag points and blessings for 2016-2017 (Check Facebook for pictures)
• Sassy Scientists went to State in Lego League Challenge- St. Mary’s had 4 teams entered.
• St. Mary’s Band won the Lionel Hamption Jazz Festival In their age division
• St. Mary’s Choir was selected to perform at Disneyland
• St. Mary’s School raised close to $1000 for St. Vincent DePaul
• MAPs Scores were extremely high this year
• Middle grade students won the Good Sportsmanship award for the second year in a row at the Hallisey Basketball tournament in Boise
• First graders did an outstanding job preparing to be the prayer leaders at the Masses this year, especially with a new teacher on staff
• St. Mary’s School Budget/Bookkeeping has been updated and simplified.
• Baptism of the Hawkins family children
• Holy Thursday Retreat Day
• Christmas and Spring programs reach out to the whole community (the Bishop got a glimpse of our spring program and was amazed at the students confidence and skill )
• Inter-sessions for grades 6,7,8 –
• Pottery lessons with Wendt Pottery
• Theatre- Midsummer’s Night Dream
• Outdoor Week – Golfing, Flyfishing, Archery
• Older students helped first graders design dinosaurs with the 3D printer
• Science Fair – students won 3 out of 4 prizes at the Moscow School District Science Fair including the top prize
• Pow Wow with the Coeur d’Alene tribe
• One student won the Human Rights Day Essay contest
• 8th graders are ready to enter high school two grades ahead in math
• Japanese students were welcomed for a week and stayed with our students
• Connected with Eureka Palouse for many activities during the year
• Students prepared and were the prayer leaders at Mass on Wednesdays during the school year